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Practice, Called Design

Nowadays there is no visual form to fully reflect the world. Neither film, nor fine arts, or television, or advertisement can express the reality; they themselves are the reality, the reality where lives contemporary human being.
When speaking about graphic design, we do not mean the depicting of things, but the means of their appearance. Practice, which we call design, neither describes, nor tells us about anything; Design shows it’s own self and thus provides us with the reality of the world.
By creating an image, designer expresses existing surroundings, i.e. – life around us.

Company “Ultra Group” has its background, as it was founded as a result of the works done in early years. Firstly was Company “Ultra”, which was founded in 1999 and aimed a promotion of the advertising business in Georgia on the professional level and integration of the Georgian advertisement into the European market. Within the “Ultra Project” (author of the project Mikheil (Mixo) Kochakidze) was established TV program on the 1st Georgian State Channel, called “Ultra”, which was showing European Best Collection of advertising video clips, “Europe’s Premier Creative Awards” – “EPICA” winner and finalist advertisements and was providing the information about advertising technologies and innovations. “Ultra Project” in the year 2000, August 30- September 3rd organized “EPICA” Days in Tbilisi. It was the show of the “EPICA” winners and finalists. The event took place at the Cinema House and was structured as the seminar/workshop at the same time, provided by European professionals. As the result of the “Ultra project,” in 2001 was held the CIFA-(Caucasus International Festival of Advertisement), the founder and the one of the organizers of which, was also “Ultra” company. During the whole period of the company life, it was creating innovative ideas in advertisement, promotion campaigns and was offering to its clients. The outcome successfully transformed into the partnership relations, which are still on.