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Environment, Proverbs and Physics

One of the main factors that influences a human being is the environment; Georgian
environment is traditionally complicated; “The castle always breaks up from inside”- to this proverb there is no analogue in any language as we know; One of the physics’ main laws, so called, the resistance law, where the resistance is directly proportional to influence, resists the Georgian reality…
Project “Ultra” was founded in the year 1999 and since then it’s aim is the propaganda of creativity in advertisement and in other fields of contemporary media;
Despite the environmental pressure, we did not adapt to existing conditions and believed more in physics’ laws in principle, than in proverbs; and finally, if we recall Friedrich Nietzsche’s maxim -
“the experience which does not kill, strengthens”, on the
ninth year since founding “Ultra group”, we can say, that at present our nuts are stronger than ever.

About Us

As result of the achievements and effects of the previous years, was made a decision to create a new company which will expand the activity and its profile in advertising. The company “Ultra Group” came into view as a qualified consulting organization, providing wide spectrum of services in advertising, public relations, local market research, marketing and planning. “Ultra Group” is the union of top professionals of different profiles and is having links to various European and local institutions working in the sphere of advertisement and advertising technologies.
The company works as a group in co-operation with its partners. We offer to our clients a package of different services, which are necessary for the concrete situation and organize them collaborating with our partner companies.
One of our activities is an educational seminars and workshops. We provide latest information about advertisement and new technologies, different forms of promotion and market studies.


• Special Representative of the European Advertising Awards – EPICA in Georgia and Caucasus.
• Co-founder of the Caucasus Advertising Festival of Advertisement – CIFA.


• Advertising
• Design
• Consulting
• Advertising and PR campaigns
• Advertising producing – video clips, print production, web design
• Market research

• Media Planning
• Promotion
• Marketing research
• Business planning
• Market regulations
• Event planning and organization
• Professional workshops and seminars