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Pragmatic Artistry in Advertisement

We often clash with diametrically different positions, which create opposition between arts in advertisement, on the one hand and pragmatism – objective of advertisement, on the other hand. In our opinion, this kind of opposition is rather exaggerated.
The main function of advertisement is, of course, the stimulation of demand on various goods or services - this objective is pragmatic. Apart from this, ignoring the artistry and creating faceless, neutral type of production can be conditioned by strict marketing necessity.
In other cases, same marketing necessity may demand the highly artistic level of an advertisement. As we know, there is a number of trademarks, which do not have a significant advertising budget or are based on a specific image and this gives rise to searching for artistic ways which aim to attract consumers’ attention by means of above mentioned artistry, originality, or simply with the help of shocking effect, and thus stimulate the demand for production. In such case (when searching for a non trivial way) is necessary to run a greater risk, which makes one’s advertising product more interesting in comparison with the competitor’s work. Therefore, you have to think more about the originality, style and fashionableness of the product – to be short, about all those aspects, which will practically level advertisement and art (place advertisement and art on a same level). In such a case you will have to cooperate and establish close relations with an artist. The choice is yours of course; the main thing is the advertisement to work.